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J-Ax + Articolo 31

Alessandro Aleotti, aka J-Ax, was born in Milan on 5th August 1972.

During his artistic career he has collected 50 platinum records.

He is considered as a true pioneer ahead of times but still remaining constantly in the forefront, starting from rap, passing through Rap’n’Roll, until becoming a point of reference in the Italian pop music scene, with his new and revolutionary style that always stood out. 

Music: in 1990 he founded, together with Dj Jad, the rap duo ARTICOLO 31.

In 2006 J-Ax started his solo career.

On the same year, he released the album “Di Sana Pianta” followed in 2009 by the second album “Rap’n’Roll”.

After “Deca Dance” in 2010 J-Ax created with his friend Neffa the “Due di Picche” and together they published “C’eravamo Tanto Odiati”.

In 2015 he founded the Label Newtopia together with Fedez and a few months later he published the amazing album: “Il Bello d’Esser Brutti” (three platinum).

Afterwards he wrote and published – with 4 hands together with his partner – the album “Communists with Rolex” (best-selling album of 2017 and certified triple platinum) anticipated by the single “Comunisti col Rolex”, a record-certified single platinum for 7 times, which totals over 177 million views. Following a successful tour that ended on June 1st at the Meazza Stadium of San Siro with 80 thousand presence.

September 14th 2018 marks a new beginning for J-Ax: “ Tutto tua Madre” comes out, single brave and committed, according to critics and audience it’s his most beautiful single released, already a certified platinum.

To celebrate his 25 years of musical career he performed between October and November 2018 for ten concerts event at the Fabrique of Milan. The artist sung and danced with more than 31 thousand people.

(On May 11th, of the same year, he publishes as an anticipation of the anniversary “25 Ax – Il Bello di Essere J-Ax”, a collection containing its most significant successes, starting from the origins and including a period of time that goes ideally from 1993 to today).

On television he participated in two talent shows: “The Voice of Italy” (in 2014 and 2018 as one of the coaches) and “Friends” by Maria De Filippi (in 2016 as Artistic Director in pair with Nek), programs broadcast during prime time respectively on Raidue and Canale 5.

Public publishing: “Axforismi” (2014), “Imperfetta forma” (2016) and “Consigli a me stesso – I miei 2 centesimi” (2018), all published by Mondadori.