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In his career, SALMO has collected a total of 15 platinum albums and 17 gold records, including albums and singles, reaching a total of over 286 million views on YouTube and is the rap artist who has sold more in 2016. Between March and April 2017 he took the stages of the most prestigious European festivals (Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Paris, Dublin, London, Berlin, Brussels, Amsterdam and Thessaloniki) and heated the audience with over 50 dates in Italy.

Live activity has always been a central place in the attitude of the artist, who finds on the stage his natural and authentic dimension, in contact with his audience that is transversal as his character and his musical proposal, contaminated and in continuous evolution.

Eclectic, ingenious, unconventional, provocative, difficult to label, SALMO once again managed to amaze everyone with a totally unconventional launch: during the weeks before the release of PLAYLIST there were fake spoilers, videos on youtube with 90 minutes of applause, the opening of a channel on Pornhub, becoming the first Italian artist to have a dedicated channel on the famous hard site with over 5.8 million views

Not only. SALMO has also disguised as a clochard spoiler some of his new tracks in the center of Milan. And the exclusive video of this performance will be visible only to the buyers of the physical cd, through a QR or by approaching the smartphone to the card contained in the deluxe edition.

And to inaugurate the release of the album, amid the amazement of passersby, at the foot of the impact of 400 square meters of Alzaia Naviglio Grande in Milan, took place the special event TUTTI VOGLIONO UN PEZZO created by Sony Music in collaboration with Spotify. A vertical performance of acrobats on the 90MIN notes, at the end of which SALMO distributed autographed pieces of the billboard, specially cut by acrobatic dancers.

From today, under the billboard cut another billboard to complete the game of references, suggestions and spoilers at the base of the launch plan of the rap disk of the year.

“PLAYLIST” was entirely recorded in the Red Bull Music Studio: a cutting-edge, top-flight recording studio. Red Bull Music Studio has already hosted over 50 artists, but it is the first time that, taking advantage of its unique peculiarity, ie the fact of being transportable anywhere, it was brought this summer to the home of SALMO, and placed in its garden (with adjoining the wall to let us in and rebuilding it after the registration) of Olbia for two months.